Meet the designer

Ibn Jasper AKA Ferrari Murakami is taking design and luxury to new levels of complexity. Hailing from Southside Chicago, and now residing in LA, the skateboarder and luxury barber it’s been for a while on the fashion and sneaker game participating in major shoe collabs and streetwear brands. IBN follow he’s passion in everything he does and now is the turn to unleash he’s full potential and become a luxury designer. Grew up alongside culture giants like Ye, Virgil, and Don C, gives IBN the perfect combination of blended talents to put now he’s vision in to reality and make the most unique footwear brand.

What started as a mere curiosity on how to create a vulcanized shoe, turned quickly into a realization that it was just "rubber cut into shapes." Coming from his barber background, cutting shapes is what he does, so naturally, what came next? Ibn built Stratica International "A special interest group".

About the brand

Stratica International was conceived to create something different from the "Me too me" product on the Luxury market. To achieve this, talents from all over the world are blended and combined to create what seems impossible in to reality. Key experienced people with street wear, fashion, production and sales backgrounds on their respective areas where put together and quickly mix their skills to create one of the most unique and complex vulcanized shoes ever. This brand not only represent luxury, eye on the detail, complexity and creativity, its also and statement to push your talent harder, to the consistency, to be better and always aim for more. For Stratica international the world "Impossible" simply don't exist and the Stratica crew will keep creating freely on a not limited world with cars, racing, fashion and no limitations with constant progress in our vision and designs.

A special interest group.